The "Making of"/The authors


Niels Pflaeging is a passionate advocate for a “new breed“ of leadership and profound change in organizations. He is founder of the BetaCodex Network, and president of his own consulting firm based in Wiesbaden/Germany. Prior to the BetaCodex Network, Niels was for five years a director with the prestigious Beyond Budgeting Round Table BBRT. Niels has been an international speaker for more than 14 years, having talked to business audiences in over 30 countries, on all continents. Niels speaks four languages fluently and has lived in countries as diverse as the US, Brazil, Germany, Spain, and Argentina.

Niels´ second book, Leading with Flexible Targets. Beyond Budgeting in Practice, was awarded the Financial Times Germany Best Business Book award, in 2006. In this work, he convincingly outlined how companies worldwide can overcome planning, budgeting, fixed targets, bonuses and, in fact, command-and-control management as a whole With the 2009 follow-up, The 12 new Laws of Leadership, Niels proved that the organization of the future already exists, and became recognized as the leading management exorcist in the German-speaking countries. Both this book and the internationally bestselling Organize for Complexity: How to Get Life Back Into Work to Build the High-Performance Organization were lauded by critics and readers alike. Compleitools, Niels´5th book, was published in German in 2015 and sold over 18.000 copies so far.

You can get in touch with Niels through email: Twitter: @NielsPflaeging


Silke Hermann is managing partner of Insights Group Germany, with offices in Berlin and Wiesbaden. As leadership advisor and business anthropologist, Silke advocates agility, diversity and self-leadership. Complexitools is Silke´s first book. She is also, together with Niels, author of the highly innovative organizer "The Uncomplicated Year".

You can get in touch with Silke through email: via Twitter: @silkehermann


Pia Steinmann designed all the illustrations for the Complexitools book. She also took care of the volume´s overall design concept - as she did for Niels previous book, Organize for Complexity.

You can  visit Pia´s website here!